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November 2019

Greetings, AGT Families and Staff! 

We hope the school year is going well for you and your family! Thank you to those of you who have been following the various events and taking advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by AGT, CFBISD, and the surrounding community. We are there for your family, for your children, and are always open to knowing your needs and interests. 

Our BIG news this newsletter is the STEAM Gifted Academy at Landry Elementary! With an incredible renovation, amazing curriculum, and highly qualified staff, this new academy will truly be a gem for our ACE families. Read further below in our newsletter for more information, and please visit to find out more! Applications open January 7th, so please take a moment to look into this if you are interested.

If you have any questions, concerns, or looking for a way to get involved, please contact us and help make CFB even more enriching for all of us. 

All our best,
AGT Board


Finding Peace in a time of Overwhelm
by Keerti Kirpalani, AGT Board Member, Newsletter


As we round the corner into the beginning of the holiday season, we start telling ourselves that soon we can relax, spend time with family and friends, sharing stories, enjoying some down time. 

However, it seems that the last few weeks put school and other activities into hyperdrive. Parent-teacher conferences, fundraisers, fall festivals, doctor appointments, band competitions, athletic games, field trips, PTA meetings, work meetings, extracurricular activities, birthday parties (anyone else feel there are a lot of fall birthdays? Myself included)...the list goes on. And if you have more than one child, it just multiplies.

How does one deal with these weeks? Here are some thoughts to keep you flying high until winter break:


--Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Allow yourself to feel stressed, or not want to do something, etc. WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY. This does not mean that you just opt out. But it IS okay to acknowledge that you feel a certain way. Accept that you are not perfect, not supposed to be perfect -- and that may open up a solution. It’s okay to be open with yourself and say, “I’m just feeling very overwhelmed with his. I feel like I don’t have time to sit or make dinner, and I am tired.” Breathe it out, take 5 minutes alone, and then get back into what you need to do. Which leads us to…


--Remind yourself that perfection is not the goal. My downfall is food -- I grew up in a household where my mother cooked every day. So, if I don’t have a 5 day menu plan, I feel guilty. I had to just get over that. Grilled cheese and soup is just as legitimate a meal as made-from-scratch Grandma’s recipes. 


--Create spaces for quiet. We have a pop-open sunshade that I bought a few years ago, and I started using it inside the house once in a while as a “reading tent.” Last week, my kids brought it inside and opened it again -- currently, it’s upstairs being used as a reading place and a meeting place (the kids get pillows, lie around inside and have “secret conversations.” It’s novel, it’s simple and fun, and just creates a small space where they can literally block everything around them and unwind.


--Create pleasure for you. Sometimes we don’t do the tiny, inconsequential thing that would brighten our days because something is telling us we shouldn’t. But really, why not? Use that gorgeous wine glass for your OJ. Wear that amazing red lipstick. Sing along to your favorite song in the car. Go to bed early, meditate, and doze off. Wear that cologne that sits on your dresser. It’s all good. 


The pace of life does not seem to slow -- but that doesn’t mean we have to become frantic with it! With a little foresight and self-awareness, we can navigate a smoother path for our families and find the time to enjoy the season as well.

The brand new STEAM GIFTED ACADEMY at Landry Elementary is coming! This state of the art academy will be geared towards ACE students, and CFB staff is working hard to get it all ready for the big opening next year!

If you are interested in finding out more, visit or

Applications open January 7th!! Find out more today.
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