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September 2019

Greetings, AGT Families and Staff! 

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new and returning parents of CFB-AGT.  This year is going to be a fresh start for our students to engage with new peers and adventures in both school and outside activities -- which will allow parents and staff members to also encounter new endeavors; as well as to help our students grow.

Every month, our newsletter staff will share a summary of our upcoming events, enrichement activities, and announcements, as well as articles for students and parents to continue learning and expanding their horizons during the school year.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us! We have many resources as an organization, so if you want to find out more about a program to benefit your child, or even a group of parents to support you, please take a moment and check out everything AGT has to offer. We are here for you, and look forward to working with each of you. 

Finaly, if you know of any parents wanting to join AGT, please direct them to this link, and we will take care of them. 


Thank you! Have a wonderful start to your school year. 

Ashley Medford
AGT Board Member, Membership


Column: Your Child and Making Friends
by Keerti Kirpalani, AGT Board Member, Newsletter


Every year when school begins at least of my children is concerned about making friends. They’ve never had a problem doing so, but the thought of new students, new classroom expectations, and possibly even a new school is daunting. We do our best as parents to calm and highlight the positive, but we are so far removed from those years that it is hard to identify fully with our kids! Also, those of us with gifted children often look towards their academic goals for the year -- but their personal growth is just as important! Here are some tips to think about:


If your child finds it more challenging to make friends:


--Remind them of situations where they have succeeded to build up their confidence. Your child will have a better time of trying something new if they can recall a situation where they already did well.


--Look for one-on-one interactions. Your child may not want to hang out with the whole class at birthday parties or class social events. Can you arrange individual play dates? Small group outings to the movies? Make it less daunting by making it smaller. 


--Be real with them. Not everyone has to like everybody else, and your child should not be feeling that they have to behave a certain way or not be themselves so that others will like them. They are not less than anyone. They can be themselves. (Assuming this is not about bullying or harassment). It’s a good lesson as they grow up -- it’s okay if someone doesn’t like you, you keep doing you. 


If your child makes friends easily:


--There is really one piece of advice that stands out above the others for socially aware and friendly children -- BE INCLUSIVE and BE KIND. Your child has been gifted with a personality that makes friends easily, and with that skill comes the responsibility to make sure that they do their part to make sure that no one feels left out or alone in their social circle if they can help it. I had this talk with my child a few years ago, and we talked about compassion and how it would feel to be left out. She makes the effort to talk to the new kid, to include everyone when she plays, and treats all the children in her class with equal kindness and respect. That, to me, is a far greater lesson she can learn than a specific academic requirement. Not all children may want to be part of larger active social circle, but no one should feel like they have been excluded or don’t belong.


Of course our children have their own amazing personalities and gifts, but sending them into school social situations with a little more communication and preparation can help them excel in all aspects of their educational year. Here’s to hoping all of our children, parents, caretakers, and teachers have a fabulous year!

PrinciPALS, Your Partners in Education
by the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Each school year, parents send their most prized possessions to school to learn and become productive members of society. They trust the principal is creating a safe and supportive learning environment for their children to thrive. But parents often overlook a critical step in ensuring a successful school year—nurturing connections with the principal and engaging as partners in their child’s education....

To read the full article, click here.
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Upcoming Enrichment Opportunities


High School Aerospace Scholars Program – NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Application Deadline: Oct. 23, 2019

Attention High School Juniors (11th Grade only):

Are you interested in space exploration, earth science, and aerospace? If so, NASA’s Johnson Space Center is offering the High School Aerospace Scholars Program for high school junior students in the state of Texas.

The program includes an online course and an all-expense paid residential summer camp at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. The application opens September 10, 2019 and closes October 23, 2019. To be eligible, students must be a U.S. citizen, Texas high school junior, have Internet access, and committed to a one-year relationship with NASA. For more detailed information, visit their website:

NOTE: The Middle School Aerospace Scholars Program is currently under construction.


Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) – Math and Language Arts Enrichment Program in Plano/Frisco

If your child loves challenging math problems or is a high achiever in language arts, consider AoPS to supplement your child’s academic pursuits. Applications are open year-round. Grades 2-12. For more detailed information, visit their website:


AwesomeMath Academy – Math, Chemistry, Physics Enrichment Program in Plano, TX

Despite its name, AwesomeMath Academy has enrichment courses for math, chemistry, and physics. There are options for courses to be taken online or in person. Some classes are a semester long while others are year-round online programs. Must apply to enroll. Fall registration is now open. For more detailed information, visit their website:


Code Ninjas – Computer Programming, Coppell, TX

Coding is the new language of the 21st century. Learning how to code develops logic and problem-solving skills. It is designed for children ages 7-14 to attend after school on weekdays either once or twice a week. They learn to code using Scratch®, Minecraft®, and Roblox®.

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September 10, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.
Free Parent Webinar: Finding Their Element: Nurturing Gifted Kids' Passions
Ben Koch, NuMinds Enrichment
Passion changes everything. This is the hypothesis proposed by educational philosopher and researcher Sir Ken Robinson in his book, The Element (2009). Quite simply put, “The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. When people arrive at the Element, they feel most themselves, most inspired, and achieve at their highest levels.” In this webinar, we'll learn why identifying, acknowledging, and nurturing your gifted child's passions can be the key to guiding them toward not just super achievement, but a more fulfilling and rewarding life in their "element." This and past webinars are made available online after each event, check out past webinars here:
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Archaeologists have long believed that the first humans to settle in North America arrived around 13,500 years ago. Now, after years of excavation at the Gault Archaeological Site, we know that people were here much earlier than originally thought. Join archaeologists Tom Williams and Nancy Velchoff to discover the remarkable evidence of these earliest Texans and explore the stone tools they came to Gault to create.
Tickets are free, but registration is required.
Dive deeper into the world of archaeology at our VIP reception preceding the lecture at 6 PM. The reception includes complimentary wine and beer and an opportunity to chat with Tom Williams and Nancy Velchoff. 
Reception Tickets are $10 for non-members or $5 for members.
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