The Gifted Gazette

The Gifted Gazette

February 2019
Greetings, AGT Families!

We are fortunate to live in an area filled with so many resources and opportunities. Hopefully, the cold February weather is not stopping you from enjoying all the activities and events that are available in DFW.  

The AGT Board has also planned some upcoming events for you.  Highlights include Gardening for Kids on March 9, Lunch & Learn with Love & Logic specialist Catherine Marrs set for March 22 and the ever-popular Family Game Night scheduled for April 26.   We look forward to seeing you at these and other CFBISD events. 
Be sure to stay tuned and engaged with the 86th session of the Texas Legislature.  The GT Allotment is at risk for being rolled into the Basic Allotment.  We need to be prepared to advocate for GT education and programs.  Connect with TAGT Advocacy to find out ways you can help protect GT funding.

We are in this together - 
Your CFBISD 2018-2019 AGT Board

What do you know about the Gifted Child?  Many myths exist about what it means to be gifted.  This video dispels some common misconceptions about giftedness:

MYTH #1:  Gifted Kids are lucky!

MYTH #2:  Giftedness = Achievement

MYTH #3:  Gifted kids are just clever kids

MYTH #4:  Gifted kids are socially immature

MYTH #5:  Gifted kids are all the same

MYTH #6:  Gifted kids will do well at school

MYTH #7:  Gifted kids will succeed

The Texas GT Allotment at Risk 


The Texas Commission on Public School Finance Report dated December 31, 2018 recommends the reallocation of the Gifted and Talented Allotment Funds to the Basic Allotment to more efficiently distribute funding to school districts.   (The “basic allotment,” is the amount of state and local funding a district receives to cover the costs of providing a basic instructional program to an “average” student in an “average” district.   The GT Allotment ( designated state  funding)  provides additional funding for programs and services for gifted and talented students.)  You can read more about the Commission's report here.
The 86th session of the Texas Legislature is now in session and may consider this Commission's recommendations.  Advocacy for GT educational programing is our top priority.  Be sure to stay informed and reach out to your elected lawmakers to advocate for gifted education.  Fortunately, any changes to the current GT allotment statute in the Texas Education Code must go through the legislative process.  Strong advocacy is key to protecting the GT Allotment.  

As individual GT parents, if you are concerned about potential loss to our GT programs, you can take one or more of these steps:
  1. Be prepared to contact your Senator and Representative if a bill is filed that would eliminate the GT Allotment.  You can find out who your legislators are here.
  1. Sign up here for GT legislative news (free) from TAGT and to be notified if a bill is filed.
  1. If your Senator or Representative is on the Senate or House Education Committee, your voice is especially important.  Please consider building connections with your local lawmakers and letting them know that GT funding is important to your family.   

For more information download this flyer...

Children & Wellness

As February rolls around, there is an explosion of red and pink everywhere the eye can see. In case we forgot, Valentine’s Day is here, and of course, that reminds us of love. When you have younger children, families tend to focus on the love between family members or friends as a fun way to celebrate with everyone. But, if you really want to add an extra layer of meaning, it’s a great time to teach your child a way to love themselves.


We live in a time where wellness is no longer a passing trend, but rather an accepted and necessary step into enjoying a more meaningful life. For adults, this can take many forms: nutrition, exercise, meditation, self-care, etc. But how do we adapt these great ideas for our children? What makes things meaningful for them?


Here are some tips to get things going:


  1. Let them take the lead. Most children, just by their nature, are masters at mindfulness and creating space for themselves. They are very frank about what they enjoy doing and what is not working for them. It is our job as parents not to squelch their instincts, but rather to help them stay in tune with themselves and also be a productive member of the family, school, community, etc. So, skipping karate practice to play video games may not be the best choice. But, maybe taking time to decompress after coming home from school before starting homework or activities may be a great idea for your child. They may be very in touch with what they need, if we are listening. 
  1. Get good at taking breaks. Everyone gets burnout. Have some suggestions on hand for when it’s time to step away and take a break -- take a walk, put on some music, tell jokes, read whatever you want for 15 minutes, have a snack, etc. 
  1. Skip the negative self-talk. The voice we talk to ourselves with is the one we hear the most often. And how you talk to your children becomes their inner voice. Teach them to make their inner voice an encouraging one. 
  1. Sit still. There is a great book called “Sitting Still Like a Frog,” and our elementary school counselor recommended it to me when my child was young. It teaches children to just be still for a moment, let your mind go quiet, and calm down. Yes, your small children will only last about two minutes. That’s okay. It’s still a great practice.
  1. Talk about what makes a holistically healthy person. Making dinner? Talk a bit about why you are choosing the foods you are, and what benefits they bring to your body. Going out as a family? Casually mention how great family time is for everyone to let go of their stresses and just hang out and have fun. Read a new book? Talk about what you learned. Bring the conversation up often about how each choice you are making is intentional, and you are choosing something good. And that “good for you” can come in many different forms. 

Just what happens inside the brains of musicians.  Check out this Ted Talk, and be prepared to be inspired to take up piano lessons once again or dust off that guitar stored in your closet.
Registration Open for the 2019 ProjectCSGIRLS Competition


The ProjectCSGIRLS Competition for Middle School Girls challenges participants in 6th-8thgrade to build something using computer science and technology that can help solve an imminent social problem under one of four themes – global health, a safer world, bridging inequalities, and intelligent technology. Judges will select semifinalists, finalists, and national winners. All finalists will be invited to DC for our national gala, the ultimate celebration of girls in computing, in June of 2019 during which they will participate in workshops, listen to guest speakers, tour tech companies, participate in a formal awards ceremony, and showcase their projects to the public.

The deadline to register for the 2019 ProjectCSGIRLS competition is March 1st, 2019. The deadline to submit projects is April 15th, 2019.  Mentors will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If students would like to request a mentor, please encourage them to register early!
The online registration form can be found at
••• Upcoming Events •••


presents two FARMING Classes at the Farmers Branch Community Garden.

March 9th will be seeding day and by May 4th, vegetables will be ready to harvest and available for you to take home. (These classes can be attended separately and are open to interested kids and parents.)

Upcoming Gardening Classes: 

  • Seeding Day - Saturday, March 9th 
  • Harvest Day - Saturday, May 4th
Farmers Branch Community Garden
12411 Templeton Trails, Farmers Branch, 75234


More Details:

  • This is open to Elementary, Middle and High school students.
  • While this is a Free activity, a voluntary donation to the Garden of $5 per family is appreciated. You can bring the cash and drop it in the jar. 
  • No Sign-Up sheet but please RSVP via email to  so that we have enough volunteers to help with the event.  Walk-ins are OK.
  • Meet Senior Gardeners, Arborists and Experts on Farming

If you have questions, please email the Event coordinator at AGT: Zoher Bharmal at 



AGT Brown Bag Lunch
with Specialist Catherine Marrs

Parenting tips for GT parents based on principles of LOVE & LOGIC.
Please join us for a 45 minute presentation followed by a Q&A discussion.

Date: March 22
Time:  11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location:  ESDC Building Atrium
Address:  1820 Pearl Street, Carrollton

Multicultural Night @ McCoy Elementary

Date: April 12
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Location: McCoy Elementary


Night Of Science at UTD

April 13 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm CDT 

Noche de Ciencias

A national program to promote knowledge and interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among the Hispanic Community.

  • Fun hands-on STEM activities for K-12 students
  • College information for students and parents
  • Bilingual workshops for parents
  • Free food!

For more information please contact

AGT Family Game Night
AGT Board Elections

Date: April 26
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Location:  ESDC Building
Address:  1820 Pearl Street, Carrollton

AGT Board Meeting

If you are interested in volunteering with the AGT Board or finding out more about what we do, please join us at our next Board Meeting.

Please email us for details.

CFBAGT has been around for over 40 years.  We are a group of parents and educators advocating for gifted programs in CFBISD.  We are definitely in this together.  

Please Join us!

Renew your AGT membership today!
••• External Resources •••

AGT is committed to serving gifted youth in our community. Financial Support may be available to CFBISD GT student
organizations. Contact the AGT Board for consideration.

The Gifted Gazette
The Gifted Gazette
The Gifted Gazette

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