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January 2019
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We hope your new year is off to a wonderful start. We are happy to start this year with you -- full of events, news, and resources. This issue we celebrate CFB teachers who were awarded grants, a successful college-oriented workshop, and plenty of relevant information about advocacy, upcoming events, and newsletters and events related to GT excellence and growth in DFW. 
Thank you for your support and for everything you do! Please continue to be involved with AGT both on a school- and district-level. We look forward to seeing you at AGT events. 

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Self-Talk — the Voice You Hear the Most  

“Oh, I’m such an idiot.” 

“I forgot? How dumb of me!”

“Yeah, I’m so bad at that, it’s no wonder they got someone else to do it.”

“I look so fat in this dress now!”

“Oh, I’d love to try that, but I suck at it.”


Sounds pretty pessimistic, right? If we stopped and noted down everything we say, it is amazing how many negative things we tend to say about ourselves. While clearly this has a downcast effect overall on us as individual adults, the bigger issue is when we say these things out loud and they become ingrained as normal comments for children to say about themselves.


Children begin their lives being very confident in themselves. Just look at any toddler who has marched out of the house in their polka dot pants, striped dinosaur shirt, monster socks, two different shoes, and superhero cape. They like each item they are wearing, and they know they look good. They do not have this idea of thinking badly of themselves — until their brains and personalities continue to develop it is introduced to them from the world around them. Add in several years of peer pressure, growing up, hormones, social norms and mores, and you have teenagers who slump into a room saying things like “I can’t believe I did that, I’m so stupid, I never get this stuff right.” 


So what can we do? A few things, actually:

Model the change yourself. Yes, adults are pretty harsh on themselves as well — how many of us are trying to continuously live up to perfection in multiple spheres and roles in life? Cut yourself some slack, and then cut the negative words from coming up often. Try not to put yourself down, especially when your children are around.


Find and share the explanation. There are many articles out there about what happens to our thoughts and minds when we spend time on negativity vs. positivity. Depending on your children’s ages, they could read the articles or you could explain them in an age appropriate way. 


Flip the script. A life coach once explained this as “change your story.” So when your child expresses the downside of a situation, listen, empathize, but don’t stop there! Guide them to see what the upside could be. Ask questions, help them talk it out — that’s where the parent’s life experience and insight comes in extra handy.


Affirmations. Affirmations are everywhere these days — calendars, self-help books, etc — and with good reason. The energy it takes to focus your mind, thoughts, and action of speaking something out loud helps the person to focus on that positive thought instead of the negative. Even if they may sound silly at first, no one’s watching! Just saying some kind words to yourself in front of the mirror can be a great exercise for your child first thing in the morning. 


Self-talk is going to be a constant in your child’s life, even as they grow through the phases and seasons of life. With your interest and guidance, your child can begin to use that inner voice as a tool for self-growth instead of hearing it as a voice of doubt, and add to the successes in their lives.



NPR Podcast for ages 4-10:
Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz guide curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. We'll go inside our brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology. Click here to listen and find out more!


Parents Know Best: Why the Educational System should Stop Marginalizing Parents 
Mona Delahooke, Ph.D. - Pediatric Psychologist - California

Unfortunately, our educational systems haven’t caught up with the wisdom of relational neuroscience which values parents as essential partners.


It’s past midnight and “Amanda”can’t fall asleep. She’s focused on her meeting the next morning at the school where her son is struggling in a program not suited to his unique needs. As she mentally rehearses her appeal for better support for him, she’s also bracing herself for the response she expects: polite “no’s” and placating looks from those around the table.  She feels as if she is going to trial, facing a tribunal that she reluctantly trusts to protect her child....(Click here to read the entire article as posted on Mona Delahooke's blog.)

Educational Foundation Awards Grants to Two CFB Teachers

Established in 1997, the CFBISD Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports CFBISD campuses, teachers, and students with dollars not otherwise available through State and Federal funding. The Foundation has awarded grants to two CFB teachers.

McCoy Elementary teacher, Nicole Bonilla, was awarded 2 grants for her project to get secondary materials and tools for students with autism and social and attention differences. She was awarded $1000 from the Kacie Brekhus Memorial Teacher Grant, and $1000 from the Frank Shor Impact Now! Fund. The Kacie Brekhus Memorial Grant is awarded each year to a CFB teacher who has a vision and plan to best support education opportunities for their students. Kacie Brekhus was a CFB Student from K-12th.  Kacie tragically passed away in automobile accident in her Freshman year at the University of Texas. There is a race held every year in her honor, which supports the CFBISD Special Olympics team. The 2019 race will be held on March 2.

The Frank Shor Impact Now! Fund is to provide financial/program assistance to students/program through the Impact Now! program.  To be eligible for consideration students must display promise and need in one of the following Impact areas:  Fine Arts, Science & Technology, Athletics, Workforce Readiness, Leadership Development, Special Education, and Student Support.   These funds are intended to improve supported students educational opportunities.

Blalack Middle School theatre teacher, Margaret Marrs, was awarded $1000 through the Valwood Improvement Authority Teacher Grant Fund. This grant is a general teacher grant fund open to all CFB teachers. The award is given for innovative programs that enrich students’ educational path. Ms. Marrs will be using the funds for the theatre’s “Harry Potter and the Theatre Design Project,” in which students will collaborate and create theatrical designs based on  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book/script for an area of technical theatre which includes scenery, costumes, and publicity.

AGT Sponsors Teachers to Attend TAGT Conference

AGT is very happy to be able to sponsor the following teachers to be able to attend the giftED 2018 Conference:

  • Lindsey Burchfield
  • Laura Gonzalez
  • Stephanie Hudson
  • Natalia Jones
  • Jeanette McCaskill


TAGT Newsletter --Advocacy Edition

With the 86th Texas Legislature starting back in session today, enjoy this special edition of Pulse and look forward to our #whyGT series, legislative FAQs and updates, starting this Thursday. TAGT is committed to continuing to advocate for gifted students across the state. Visit our advocacy homepage and sign up for our series of legislative emails here.

To view the entire newsletter, click here.
CFBISD Advanced Academic Services has put together some resources for GT students who are interested in finding out more about college requirements and preparation. These are directly from the the well-attended talk last month

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AGT Board Meeting

If you are interested in volunteering with the board, finding out more about what we do, and would like to attend, please join us on Saturday morning!

February 9, 2019
Please email us for location.



Saturday, February 2, 2019

9:00 – 11:00 AM

Open to 
HS Students Incoming MS Students, grades 7 & 8
20 Spots available

interested in 







Dr. Kim Ly  CFB AGT Dream Link Coordinator:

Cherin Escher CFB AGT President:


Upcoming Events in February and March:

  • February 13: AAS  Gifted Talk w/Kathryn, Gifted and Anxious, Depressed, or Perfectionistic, Irving Room ESDC Bldg. B, 1820 Pearl Street, 6-7:30PM
  • March 22: AGT Brown Bag Lunch w/specialist Catherine Marrs, Parenting Tips for GT Parents based on Principles of Love & Logic, AAS Atrium 11AM - 1 PM

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Some resources and events outside of CFBISD!

AGT is committed to serving gifted youth in our community. Financial Support may be available to CFBISD GT student
organizations. Contact the AGT Board for consideration.

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